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Please Don't tell my mother I run a dog Sanctuary

(She thinks I play piano in a saloon)



It was one of those “Hang em High” moments. I was storming around the compound, slamming gates and food and water bowls, muttering to myself. Suddenly I stopped and yelled at the sky, “I rescue! I rehabilitate! I teach adoption skills! I don't want to operate a sanctuary!"  It grew very quiet.  I heard the single Dong of the church bell, the screech of the hawk high in the clear blue sky, the rattle of the rattle snake....

I looked around me at Mikey, the three legged dog I rescued as a puppy, at Job who had been hit on the head and left in a trash can, at Hayhay who had spent her entire life at an animal control shelter, at Walker and Cleo and Dixie and Homey and Ellie May and Zoe and Gadget. and Cal .and Bailey and Cody and Carma and Pepper and Tramp and so many more.....all “unadoptable”.........and I realized that I operated a sanctuary. This was their home. Nobody else wanted them or would even help take care of them and to make matters worse I loved them all.

Now don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for the many people who help make what we do possible, the folks raising money and providing food and veterinary care and emotional support......but , when somebody is cold or hungry or scared or lonely or dirty or bored or sick, it falls on us to provide the care and comfort. There are no days off. It is a way of life. It is the inevitable outcome of accepting dogs without regard to their future adoptability. We do not kill dogs because they are broken or emotionally damaged, unattractive, too old or too skittish and nobody wants them. Thank God the pay is so amazing! This morning I got stepped on, slobbered on, kissed a dozen times, invited to play and romp with eyes and bodies that once help only despair, followed around and obeyed with amused reluctance or trusting acceptance. I would like to introduce the long term residents of Marley's World Dog Haven and hope something in their stories will inspire you too. I want to add one more thing before I start...there is no such thing as an unadoptable dog.

  Our Sanctuary dogs

Every dog in our sanctuary has a story. Click on their picture to read the beginning. The "end" hasn't happened yet.

Dr. Smith and Job.JPG
Dixie sitting.JPG



Cal laying.jpg

Calico Kid

Cleo's face 2.JPG
Jackson is glad.JPG



Hay in the chair.JPG


Pepper (2).JPG


Mikey standing.JPG
The morning tramp got adopted (2).jpg



Cody and Carma move like fish.JPG
Walker Cameo.JPG
Jojo at the xhack.JPG

    Cody &



Jojo Potato



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