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There's This Dog.........


Almost every day somebody contacts us asking if we can help them with a dog they don't want. In every case the first step is to fill out the questioner and send us good clear pictures.

Often people will say something like, “Its not my dog. It was dumped on me or just showed up.” For the purpose of asking for any rescue assistance ( unless you know the owner or stole the dog) the nine tents of the law (possession) applies here.

We are always over capacity and can not take in every dog but we will work with you to try to ensure the safety and well being of the dog. If you don't ask we can't help. Please don't try to guess what you can say to coerce us into taking a dog. We need the truth and the facts to know if there is anything we can do to help.

There are some things we won't do:

We won't chase down loose/stray dogs. I'm too old and way to busy. In fact, in most cases, if we can take a dog you will have to bring it to us.

I won't go in somebody else's yard unless I am asked (in writing) by the local police/sheriff. If you are concerned about a dog, often the first step is to call them yourself. I know that can be very frustrating but I have no more authority than you do.

I won't go all troll on you, though I may offer suggestions and guidance towards resources available that may help you and the dog.

There are some things that I almost certainly will do:

I will help you with food if I can.

I will share from my many years of experience.

I will share my contacts and knowledge of community resources including low cost spay/neuter options.

I will ask you if you can help with the expenses of getting a dog ready to adopt.

I will share the situation and, if we accept a dog, its recovery process through social media. We have had great success in helping reunite dogs and owners.

It is my hope that if you are reading this, you are someone who has love and compassion in your heart. Please remember that it is never wrong to provide the basic necessities for one of the innocents. I hope we can work together.

Kyle- Marley's World Dog Sanctuary

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