Marley's World Adoption Application

PETS ARE NOT PLACED ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS. Our goal is to match the prospective new family with the appropriate pet. We are here to fill the needs of the animals first. The purpose of our adoption program is to find responsible, lifelong homes for animals suitable for family pets. If you wish to adopt an animal, please complete this application and return to:;

Do you live in a:
Do you :
If renting, do you have the Landlord’s permission to adopt this animal?
Will the pet be:
When outside, how will the pet be protected?
Is anyone in the household allergic to animals
Does everyone in your household know about and agree to the adoption of this pet?
Do you have any other pets in the household?
Are all your pets current on their vaccinations ?
Is this pet intended as a gift for someone else?
Are you adopting this pet as a companion for yourself or another pet?
Animals require wholesome food, fresh & clean water, shelter, grooming, exercise and regular veterinary care (including vaccinations & sterilization). Are youprepared to fulfill these obligations?

I swear these answers are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

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